Client testimonials

  • Victoria Spadaro-Grant, Global Vice President R&D, Mars Chocolate Inc:

    left quoteHiring Olivia as my executive coach was a pivotal moment in both my career and my life. Olivia helped me develop new rules, new standards, and new goals for myself. Working with her, I experienced accelerated learning and unprecedented growth in both my professional and my personal skills.

    Olivia's expertise to help me work through the most complex environment and difficult political situations is simply unparalleled, and it is because of her profound expertise coupled with an amazing competence in the coaching field that I have asked her to also coach the senior executives on my team.

    Olivia has an unwavering commitment to my improvement and her custom-tailored approach has been instrumental in helping me become the very best leader I can be. She helped me identify and prioritize the areas in which I most needed to improve, as well as recognize and capitalize on my signature strengths.

    I feel fortunate to have access to the expert guidance, ability to reframe, and unique intuition that Olivia is able to provide me with time and time again. right quote

  • Christian Millet- CEO, Logfret Inc:

    left quoteFor my organization, customer satisfaction has become the priority it should be. Team members achieved better client awareness and better client relationships. Even the audit team opened up! Our employee turnover is measurably lower. My staff displays a much more positive attitude and there is more unity in the team. The group appears better identified with the business.

    For myself, Olivia's excellent coaching ability has made a difference... Public speaking has become so much easier for me as I have gained a lot of confidence... I treasure her recommendations and keep referring to them whenever possible.left quote

  • Matt Furman, Chief Communications and Public Affairs Officer, Best Buy Co., Inc:

    left quote Of course the first time I met Olivia I tried very hard to be charismatic! I had a sense of what she did for a living and was determined to impress. She offered direct advice yet delivered it with genuine warmth. I was hooked and have benefited from her intellect, experience and compassion ever since.

    I asked Olivia to help me diagnose what the difference was between those times I “clicked” with someone and the times when I did not. Essentially, I asked her to help me identify and then fix the things that were holding me back from having the personal and professional interactions we all seek, ones based on respect, trust and likability. These tools ranged from changes to my body language and word choices to the frame of mind I had before and during a conversation.

    Her coaching includes intensive critique and experiential practice, emphasizing the language, tone and nuances that shape how my deliberate (and unintentional) communications are understood and received. Bottom line: there is almost always a gap between what we intend to say and the way it is received. Olivia helps you understand how big that gap is, why it is that size and, ultimately, how to close it.
    She had helped me make better use of my interpersonal skills but, more importantly, helped me virtually eliminate the inward and outward manifestations of common traps like irritation, impatience, boredom and fatigue.

    Olivia has given me so many tools to use I must admit that there are times when I come back to her for simple refreshers on techniques. In that regard she is terrific for the “tune-up” that even the most dedicated student needs from time-to-time.
    Likewise, there are new situations that arise for which I seek her advice and she is often able to point me to a previously used technique that I can re-purpose. Finally, she is enormously helpful in preparing for a new situation or challenge. In that regard, I have come to believe that I was operating in the blind before I met her and now have a level of clarity and insight that anyone would envy.

    As for what I've gained from Olivia I can say without hyperbole that working with her has been the most valuable professional experience of my life. She's changed my interactions with my friends, family and colleagues in material and lasting ways.
    The bottom line is that Olivia will help you identify and fix the things that you do (or don't do) that are blockers to getting things done in your organization. She uses the science of the brain to figure out how someone with your personality and background can best affect change, inspire colleagues and gain trust. right quote

  • Jamie Laina, Director, SkyLofts:

    left quote I can't even explain how great Olivia was - this training was different from anything I've ever experienced! Time flew by, we were having so much fun. And everything made sense. More, please! right quote

  • Corey Sanders, Chief Operating Officer, MGM Resorts International:

    left quoteOlivia was excellent, and the feedback we got after the session was phenomenal. Her program will help our leaders grow, and look forward to working more with her in the future.right quote

  • Simon Grunberger, CEO, Artediam LTD:

    left quoteAs a direct result of Olivia's training, our sales improved by 100%!right quote

  • Tony Shap, President, PaymentMax:

    left quoteOlivia's techniques enabled my sales teams to close deals much faster.right quote

  • Oliver Segal U.S., Operations, Chanel Inc:

    left quoteRemarkable work. I was impressed by the quality and originality of Olivia's performance.right quote

  • Andrew Pederson, Global Sustainability Manager, Mars Chocolate Inc:

    left quoteWhen I started working with Olivia, my most urgent need was reducing my day-to-day stress level. At that point, people issues were the biggest source of stress in my life, and I felt like I was pouring a lot of energy into solving these issues to little avail.

    Through the coaching, I learned how to first establish trust and rapport with people, and I also learned to genuinely inspire comfort and trust so that people would feel truly heard and understood. As a result, I saw a great increase in my ability to motivate and sustain constructive participation as well as my ability to inspire people's personal dedication to help me. Olivia then focused on relationship-building skills, so that beyond the initial trust and rapport, I learned how to develop, cultivate and solidify strong relationships.

    Another facet of our work increased my influence, persuasion and negotiation skills, and I learned how to voice ideas in such a way that I would receive the support I needed. This means that now, people want to do what I want them to do. I can also now explain things in such a way that people understand me immediately, and I receive more offers of help. Since this reduces the amount of time I need to spend convincing others to support me, I save time and energy and can do more with the same resources.
    This process greatly accelerated my learning curve. While I had been learning by trial-and-error, with Olivia I suddenly gained clear insights and a solidly defined skillset. This process has been, quite simply, transformative — perhaps what I value most from Olivia's coaching is the increasing ability to go through my days and weeks on a calm, purposeful, and easy glide through friendly, successful exchanges.

    Internally, I've gained a feeling of self-assurance. Externally, things flow more naturally. I experience less stress, anxiety and impatience. Instead, I feel more focus, calm and constructive energy, all of which have contributed to better overall health and wellbeing.right quote